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360 LED Inflatable Booth


360 LED Inflatable Booth

🤩A promotional package that includes LED INFLATABLE to have a more private atmosphere and LED that changes colors inside and out of the inflatable you will have so much fun  and  memorable experience for you and your guests for a GREAT DEAL! (limited time offer):

$480 for 2 hours! 📸

$580 for 3 hours! 📸 

$700 for 4 hours! 📸 


Our 2-4 hour promotional service includes all of the following:


◻️ White Inflatable with LED that changes colors outside and inside for a glam the 360 video booth experience

🎥 Photo booth 360 (with capacity for 4 people).

🎬Unlimited HD slow motion video shots.

💯 Red carpet and gold stanchions or Black carpet and silver stanchions for a glamorous entrance to the photo booth.

🎉 custom video overlay

💡 4 professional LED lights.

🪩LED Party Projectors

💻 Share by message, email and social media.

🫧Bubble machine

🥳 Accessories according to your event

🧰Delivery, installation and disassembly

😎 Technician / operator.

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